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You Billing Will Be More Organized

Having accurate patient accounts, makes it easier to explain and collect unpaid balances from patients. Organized billing reduces the amount of time it takes to close outstanding balances.  We post payments and insurance adjustments to ensure that your  account receivables are at a minimum.   

Characteristics of  Billing Service You Will Receive


Verify Procedures That Are Not Sent To Insurance

We run reports to find procedures that are not attached to claims and are not created timely. We help ensure that this oversight is remedied.

Patient Eligibility  and History are Verify Prior Claim Submission 

Prior submit a claim, our account specialist go over patient eligibility and history to make sure procedures met benefits frequency criteria and claim will be process. 

Insurance Aging Report Analisis

The Insurance Aging Report is analyzed every week. You will have summaries on patient file that explain  the current status of the claim.  Any outstanding balances that you prefer we do not pursue, please communicate that to us via email to ensure that all patient communication guidelines meet your expectations.

Contrast Doctor Notes And Patient Account

We measure Doctor notes on patient chart and what is input on patient ledger to make sure there is not difference and all procedures performed are billed correctly.  

Primary &Secondary Claims Submitted 

All dental insurance billing claims for primary and secondary claims are sent electronically, daily.  Pre authorizations will be sent to insurance companies when requested.  We utilize your current electronic claims system.  If you are currently sending paper claims, we will assist you in setting up electronic claims at no additional cost to you.  Every claim is reviewed before it is sent to an insurance company to ensure that the claim will not be denied over a clerical error, which typically occurs 3-4 times per week in most dental offices.

EOB's Posted Daily 

All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are posted to the patient ledgers accurately and timely–within 24 business hours after the EOB is scanned by your office. We recommend depositing the checks the next day, ensuring that our daily deposits balance with what is posted daily. Your team of eAssist dental insurance billing specialists will communicate daily with your office manager via email to ensure smooth end-of-day balancing.

Dental Billing Services FAQ

Do Dentists actually outsource  Dental Billing?  

​Dentists that do not want to deal with billing, or are unsure of the financial management of their business, hire billing companies to take care of it.  This help Dentists run their own practice, as they always did, but take away the headache of getting paid for their services by operating in the background efficiently and accurately. This results in speedy payment.


Do I have to change my software to use the Premier Services?

No. You do not need to change your practice management software. We work with all dental softwares.  The billing systems are the same across all the dental softwares.


How does Premier Claims Management  handle my payments and deposits?

With our Dental Billing Service, your office staff will open all mail, collect all payments and make all deposits. 

Does outsourcing my billing replace one or more of my staff members?

It is our suggestion that your current billing staff be utilized in a different capacity. They should be focusing on increased production and giving patients more personalized attention, thereby greatly increasing your patient’s acceptance of treatment plans you initiate. If you have a current vacancy in your office, utilizing our services will eliminate the need to fill that position.

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